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Achieve is the assistant you'd love to have for your students.


This online learning program provides your students with the extra nursing school help they need to acquire and master the basic nursing study skills – studying and test-taking to make them successful students. It boasts an online tutorial format that includes engaging video examples. A faculty implementation guide, including a content outline and discussion questions, is available for classroom use. It’s truly a timesaver and student-saver.

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Test-Taking Skills

  • Strategies to Fight Test Anxiety
  • Tips to Apply Knowledge
  • Time Management
  • Reading Directions
  • Calculations
  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Essay Questions

Nursing Study Skills

  • Where and When to Study
  • Planning
  • Strategies to Stay Focused
  • Learning Styles and Learning Strategies Based on Student Learning Preferences
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Four Categories of Processing Information
  • Reading Strategies
  • Class Notes
  • Memorizing Facts
  • Study Groups

Classroom Skills

  • Strategies for Class Preparation
  • Strategies for Reading Books Effectively
  • Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Class
  • Effective Note-Taking

Preparing for Clinical Experience

  • Strategies in Preparing for Clinical
  • Dressing for Success
  • Knowing the Rules
  • Your Clinical Day
  • Your Paperwork

Challenges for ESL Students:
Steps for Successful Study

  • Developing Reading and Listening Skills
  • Building English Vocabulary
  • Developing Study Skills
  • Developing Support Systems