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TEAS Basic Package

The TEAS Basic Package includes the printed study guide and our online practice test. These products are designed to work together.

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It's proven to work: On average students who purchase our TEAS prep materials score higher on their exam.

How it works

Evaluation practice test

After taking the online practice test, you will be provided with a score report that will highlight a list of topics to review based upon your performance.

Review of weak subjects

Analyze your score report and focus your review on your weaker subjects. These topics will link to information sources within the Study Manual.

Re-evaluation test

Re-evaluate yourself with a second version of the online practice test. The practice test consists of 150 questions patterned after the actual TEAS exam.

Products Included

TEAS Study Guide

Written to specifically address each objective that could potentially be addressed on the exam.

Each study guide comes with two paper/pencil practice tests with rationales for the correct answer.

TEAS Online Practice Test

The TEAS Package includes two versions of our online practice assessment. Each online assessment has 150 questions and is patterned after the original TEAS exam.

They are an excellent resource that helps determine areas that need improvement.

The addendum to a previous version of this Study Manual (featuring a red cover) can be found here.