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The Virtual-ATI® NCLEX Review.

This is an innovative, online partnership with a personal coach (an ATI Nurse Educator) who prepares nursing graduates for NCLEX® success. Students receive feedback and encouragement. A calendar is provided to guide students' daily review. The review is individualized as the student progresses, so special focus is given to topic areas that need more attention.

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The Customized Live NCLEX Review

This review is an exciting study session that is customized based on the performance of the entire class. Led by a nurse educator, this engaging, interactive review covers content areas of weakness and includes test-taking strategies, critical thinking exercises and Q&A practice. It aligns with the NCLEX test plan.

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All reviews are led by Nurse Educators with Masters Degrees and a minimum of five years experience.

The Comprehensive Live NCLEX Review

The Comprehensive Live NCLEX Review is an all-inclusive, live study session covering essential nursing content that aligns with the NCLEX test plan. Led by a master's-degreed nurse educator, the engaging, interactive format reviews all content areas and includes test-taking strategies, critical-thinking exercises and Q&A practice.

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