What is the difference in a customized and comprehensive review?
A customized review is prepared from a school’s class performance on the Comprehensive Predictor Assessment. Areas needing improvement are identified and a customized presentation is prepared using the NCLEX Blueprint as the outline for content, Q&A, and critical thinking. Test taking strategies and interactive teaching tools and techniques are threaded throughout the review to reinforce content knowledge. In most cases, the review provides three days of instruction. Each student will receive an individualized study plan outlining a step-by-step process for continued studying and preparation for NCLEX. At the end of the review, each student is encouraged to complete an online survey evaluating the review. After completing the evaluation survey, the student will acquire online access to new questions/rationales and a downloadable document offering tips towards NCLEX success.

A comprehensive review is not tailored to a specific group or student performance on an assessment. Rather it is a comprehensive review covering all content areas in nursing through a systems approach: Med-Surg, Pharmacology, Mental Health, Womens Health, Child Health and Learning/Management/Community. Nurse Logic is presented and used as a strategy for Q & A. Students receive a content review book. In most cases, this review provides four days of instruction. After completing the evaluation, the student will acquire online access to new questions/rationales. 

Virtual-ATI Engagement Policy
ATI is committed to working with all students until they are successful on NCLEX. The Engagement Policy will promote student engagement and commitment to their NCLEX success.

If at any time after a student has enrolled in Virtual-ATI, he or she has not actively participated and/or communicated with the Virtual-ATI coach for six weeks, the student’s Virtual-ATI account will be placed in inactive status. Once the student’s Virtual-ATI account is inactive, he or she must contact the Virtual-ATI coach or the Virtual-ATI administrative team within six weeks of inactivation to be reactivated one time at no additional cost to the student.

If a student requests reactivation after six weeks of being placed in inactive status or after being placed on inactive status more than one time, the student must pay a $75 reactivation fee prior to each reactivation.

If a student was enrolled in Virtual-ATI prior to July 1, 2014, the student is not subject to the Engagement Policy.

ATI Live Review Guaranteed Support Policy
ATI offers guaranteed support to students after completing an ATI Live Review. If a student doesn’t pass on their initial attempt at NCLEX, ATI will provide further support to the student at no additional cost. In order to receive additional support, the student must do the following: 1) Student must attend all days of the review 2) Student must contact ATI within three weeks of taking NCLEX to inform ATI that he or she did not pass on initial attempt. If the student does not meet the requirements listed above, the student must pay a $75 reactivation fee for further evaluation and assistance.

If a student completed an ATI Live Review prior to July 1, 2014, the student is not subject to the $75 reactivation fee.

I have an email account, but I haven’t received any information. What do I do?
ATI will email students at the email address listed on their ATI profile. If the email address listed on your account is no longer valid, please update it with a working email. The morning after a student updates their profile, an email will be sent to the student with directions. If a student does not receive an email the morning after updating their ATI profile, they should email [email protected] for assistance.

Why did I receive an email to take another comp assessment?
It is important for VATI coaches to have a recent comprehensive assessment on file to base an individualized review for the student. Comprehensive Assessments older than 6 weeks, may not reflect the students current knowledge.

I have completed the classroom survey, but can’t log into the classroom?
Students will be enrolled into the virtual classroom and assigned a coach the morning after the survey has been completed, except Sunday’s and major holidays. As a post-graduation NCLEX review, students will be enrolled into Virtual-ATI when they are within 30 days of graduation or becoming NCLEX eligible. Login to the classroom cannot occur until the student is enrolled. Students should use the same username and password they use to log on to the ATI website to log into the Virtual Classroom. This survey email that the student receives also includes classroom log on information for the student.

How do I access the classroom?
The classroom website is http://www.atitutor.com. Students should use the same username and password that they use to log onto the ATI website. Once logged in, they should click the link to the virtual classroom with their coaches name to display the classroom.

What system requirements do I need on my computer to use the virtual classroom?
Obtain use of a high speed broadband connection. Broadband is needed to upload files and use course documents. If you are using Vista, turn your security settings down to medium. An Internet Explorer browser is recommended. 7x or above is supported.

Enable cookies to gain access to the classroom. Directions below.

  • In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
  • On the Privacy tab, move the settings slider to Low or Accept All Cookies.
  • On the security tab add ati-virtualed.com to the trusted sites.
  • Click OK and restart computer.

Make sure you have downloaded the free and safe software programs below

How do I contact my coach?
Students should refer to the “How to Communicate Document” found in the virtual classroom under the Welcome Block. The messaging system found in classroom is where students and coaches should communicate. All messages that go unread in the classroom will be forwarded to the students Gmail account. Coaches may also use Gmail for sending and receiving some larger assignments used to help students increase their knowledge of content.

I have emailed my VATI instructor and they have not contacted me. What should I do?
VATI instructors return emails daily except Sundays and major holidays. If your instructor has not responded in over 24 hours, you may email [email protected]. This email address is to be used only in need and not on a daily basis.

Why can’t I just have all of the assessment codes and the predictor up front?
Virtual-ATI uses ATI assessments to help students narrow down their preparation for NCLEX. We call these assessments because they assess for the student and coach which areas are in need of review. Taking assessment after assessment without reviewing in between may not help the student increase knowledge of areas identified as weak on the assessment. Students take an assessment, complete a review of identified areas, then take additional practice assessments if needed before moving on to the next content area.

How do I create a focused review?
Students should follow the step by step directions found in the Virtual-ATI classroom at the top right corner of the classroom under the ATI assessment block titled “How to create a focused review”.

Why are the assessments timed?
The ultimate goal in Virtual-ATI is to help students prepare and achieve success on NCLEX. Because there is a time limit on the NCLEX, and if the maximum number of questions are taken, it will take the average student about 1-1.5 minutes per test question. We simulate the same process with Virtual-ATI assessments. It is recommended that students take all assessments in one sitting when they have quiet uninterrupted time.

Will I receive a study plan calendar?
Yes. Coaches analyze the comprehensive assessment, and the survey completed during the enrollment process to recommend a calendar that works for each student. The calendar can be found on the bottom, right corner of the classroom and is available in a printable PDF format. The calendar, a recommendation, guides the student’s review each day. Coaches individualize the length of the review based on the student’s ongoing assessment scores and participation in the classroom.

What is a Virtual-ATI Coach?
Each student in Virtual-ATI is paired with an experienced nurse educator with a minimum of a Masters Degree in Nursing.