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Curriculum development is a journey, not a destination - Let C-MAP® be your map.

Nursing Curriculum Development (C-MAP)®

Developed for nurse educators by nurse educators, the nursing Curriculum Management & Articulation Program® (C-MAP) is a web-based program specifically designed to help facilitate curriculum development in nursing education and evaluation. Additionally, C-MAP documents are stored in a central repository and electronically generated, which is great for gathering reports needed for accreditation and program evaluation. It is the best tool of it’s kind because it keeps the nursing curriculum internally consistent and on track, so both students and faculty successfully achieve program outcomes. C-MAP is smart-so nurse educators and their students will be, too.

  • Evidence obtained during an in-depth review of current literature was used to develop the curriculum framework and identify critical concepts.
  • Curricular components can be linked to accreditation criteria, the NCLEX® test plan and BSN Essentials.
  • The C-MAP program includes foundational and course-related components for faculty to use when building and revising their curricula.
  • Faculty time is no longer needed to develop many of the documents required for program evaluation and accreditation.
  • Syllabus and accreditation documents are automatically generated and can be downloaded as RTF files that can be reformatted to be consistent with program templates.
  • C-MAP is a robust program created by a special panel of nurse educators from around the country. These highly skilled professionals are experts in accreditation and nursing curriculum design.

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