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Nurse Manager Certificate Program

The Nurse Manager Certificate Program is a focused online nursing management education program designed to help students acquire the nursing leadership and management skills needed to become successful nursing managers. It is proudly offered in partnership with the esteemed Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.

Developed by the best, for the best.
The evidence-based curriculum, which consists of teaching materials, self-assessment exercises and case studies, is created and peer-reviewed by experienced clinical and academic nurses. Course work includes team building, mentoring, conflict resolution, budgeting, data analysis, quality processes and more.

You’re the charge nurse.
The great variety of course offerings within the Nurse Manager Certificate Program affords nursing educators the opportunity to create a unique curriculum, with the ability to select courses to meet the specific requirements of individual students and groups. This program is available to everyone interested in nursing leadership and management. A Sigma Theta Tau chapter on campus is not a mandate for this program offering.

Online courses available:

  • Using Evidence to Guide Decision Making and Management Practice
  • Introduction to Administrative, Management and Organizational Theories
  • Using Evidence to Guide Strategic Planning
  • Managing the Team
  • Human Resources: Issues and Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Patient Safety in the Health Care Workplace
  • Building a Better Business Plan
  • Ethical Principles for Nurse Managers
  • Safety for the Health Care Worker
  • Facilitating Staff Development
  • Nursing Liability
  • Legal Documentation and Defenses
  • Using Evidence to Determine Resources Demands and Allocation

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