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This nursing program will make everyone better.

Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program

ATI’s Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program (CARP) is a focused remediation resource that is with you and your students throughout the nursing program. This comprehensive learning solution goes beyond NCLEX preparation by offering unique and proprietary remediation on each test, whether it’s practice or proctored. It does what no other test prep can do – it ties directly back to the NCLEX®. To address diverse learning styles, this program offers multiple remediation tools, including traditional and online reading materials, videos, practice assessments and Internet sources. You’ll also receive help from your very own ATI support team.

The Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program is also an academic measuring tool and a time saver for faculty because it identifies potential problems for early intervention. It also saves time for the student by offering smart, individual remediation when additional NCLEX preparation is needed.

The result is that pass rates are increased and student attrition rates are decreased. Program benefits include focused remediation, customized testing that is truly customizable with detailed reporting and customer service that is second to none. Take your NCLEX review to the next level with ATI!

Package features:

  • NurseLogic helps students expand their critical thinking and problem solving skills while learning how to be test question savvy.
  • Learning System provides pre-made practice tests covering a broad range of Nursing topics with flexible features, including rationales and optional scoring. Features can be turned on or off.
  • Standard and customized NCLEX preparation tests are available to help nurse educators build their own exams. With ATI, nurse educators have access to a large bank of questions to choose from at no additional costs. These customized versions are available for use immediately.
  • Content Mastery Series® is a program designed to provide assessment data regarding a student’s mastery of concepts in specific areas linked to the NCLEX test plan. Subjects addressed include the following:
    • Adult Medical Surgical (RN and PN)
      • Targeted Medical-SurgicalTM for RN Student only includes:
        • Cardiovascular
        • Endocrine
        • Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Imbalances
        • Gastrointestinal
        • Immune
        • Neurosensory and Musculoskeletal
        • Perioperative
        • Renal and Urinary
        • Respiratory
    • Fundamentals (RN and PN)
    • Pharmacology (RN and PN)
    • Focused Adult Medical Surgical (RN Only)
    • Maternal-Newborn (RN and PN)
    • Nursing Care of Children (RN and PN)
    • Mental Health (RN and PN
    • Community Health (RN Only)
    • Nutrition (RN Only)
    • Leadership and Management (RN and PN)

Content Mastery Series products available for online purchase

  • Online Practice Assessments (RN, PN)
  • Review Modules (RN, PN)

Each series includes multiple proctored assessments and online practice tests, as well as review materials in print and online formats. Books, online videos and Internet resources are just a few of the learning tools we provide to fit the many types of student learning styles. The assessments are followed by focused remediation that ties directly back to NCLEX. This type of remediation is only offered by ATI.

  • The RN Comprehensive Predictor® and PN Comprehensive Predictor® are proctored assessments comprised of multiple-choice questions to help determine student’s preparedness for the NCLEX.
  • ATI’s Reporting is a great resource tool. From Nursing Program accreditation to setting student benchmarks, helpful data is available whenever you need it. Types of reports:
    • Group Report – Standard report based on the group of students that have taken a specific assessment.
    • Individual Report – Provides a list of all students that have taken a specific assessment and allows a detailed individual report for any or all students under an assessment ID.
    • Combined Group/Individual Report – Combines all individual reports followed by the group report for an assessment.
    • Longitudinal Report – Compare assessment results of two or more groups of students.
    • Grade Book – Select a group of students and an assessment to create a grade book.
    • Critical Thinking and Analysis Report – Select a group of students and compare their critical thinking entrance and exit data.
    • Individual Transcript – Combined report of all the assessments (proctored and online practice) for one or more students.
    • Question Analysis – Shows how each student answered each question in the assessment selected.
    • Customized Reports – If the report you need is not already provided, ATI will help develop a customized report for your organization.

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Add-on features: