ATI Research in “Nurse Educator” Verifies Benefits of Additional Admission Criteria

Can adding additional criterion to your admissions requirements help determine future student success in their nursing program? That’s the question asked — and answered — in a paper written by ATI researchers that was recently accepted for publication in the journal “Nurse Educator.” Scheduled to appear in the November 2018 issue, the paper is available online now for review. 

 Xin Lucy Liu, PhD, Senior Psychometrician, and Christine Mills, PhD, Director of Research and Development, examined the incremental values of academic predictors that may be adopted as nursing school admission criteria. Their findings revealed that using additional content areas — mathematics, reading, and English — in conjunction with science, contribute significantly to the prediction of early nursing school success. The study demonstrates an incremental validity approach that provides valuable guidelines to inform the selection of effective, accurate, and cost-effective admission tools for screening qualified nursing candidates. 

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